OOMPH! show&tell

OOMPH! x Playgrounds is an intimate show & tell where emerging artists get the chance to present their work. They will give you a peek behind the scenes and show you what it takes to create an animated film or what goes into illustrated work. The audience will be encouraged to ask all kinds of questions. How much coffee do you drink? What did you take to come up with this idea? Do you still live with your mother? Everything is possible!

We strive to invite diverse creators who are ready to fill your brain with inspiration!

Come have a drink with us on June 16th at Het Hijgend Hert in Breda, we start at 20:00.

OOMPH! x Playgrounds is a new show & tell event for animation, illustration and the visual arts founded by artist Dymphie Elisa for creators who got that ‘oomph’

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.nl/e/tickets-oomph-x-playgrounds-320596531857