Dev Room #3.2

In the distant future of 2022, the lockdown has been patched (_finalv2). And so Dev Room (previously known as Barcade) will take place in Breda at Café Het Hijgend Hert!
Dev Room is an event for game creators and other digital creatives to connect, grab a drink and get a chance to showcase their projects that are still in development or recently finished.
It’s the ideal place to get feedback and meet up with other creatives in the Netherlands!
We have been silent for a while, as Dev Room is not the kind of event that can be held online, but now it’s time to meet up again. And, as you may have noticed, we changed our name from Barcade to Dev Room! (Thanks,
Tell your friends, be there, because it is going to be awesome!
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Message us through Facebook if you have any questions!